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All these videos are available on the Reaching the Nones YouTube channel.  Feel free to show them in church services, use them in small groups, etc - those who've been videoed have given their permission for this.

Introductory video - what is the Reaching the Nones project about? Have a look at the short video below.

And welcome to our growing collection of 5-minute faith stories . . .

Ed Hobbs talks with James Wakefield

Ed Hobbs talks with Scott McJohnston

Rhiannon King talks with Sarah Maughan

Paul Mathole talks with Scarlett Latham

Paul Mathole talks with Rob Faulkner

Rhiannon King talks with Adam Priestly

Paul Mathole talks with Helen Robertson

Ed Hobbs talks with Freya

Ed Hobbs talks with Tim

Ed Hobbs talks with Donna

Rhiannon King talks with Jenni Collins

Ed Hobbs talks with Marcus

Rhiannon King talks with Tom Mumford

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