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For Church Leaders

Leading a church is no walk in the park! There are hundreds of different things you could be doing with every hour of the day. We get it! We know time is limited but we’d encourage you to free up a small space in your head to think about the 30+ million people in the UK (let alone anywhere else) who would call themselves non-religious. Many of them are ‘spiritual’ and acknowledge there may be supernatural powers around, many of them are open to hearing the good news, but they’re not necessarily searching for what our churches currently offer. How might we offer them something that will scratch where they itch? What might need to change to make the difference to half the population in your neck of the woods? What does God want to do in and through us?


These are exactly the sort of questions we need to be asking if we want to become a Church of missionary disciples trying to proclaim the gospel afresh to every generation. Want to help our Church to grow younger and more diverse? Want to be a bolder Church energised and enthused by the gospel and sharing that with everyone?  Then here may be an exciting place to start.


Have a look at the ‘Resources’ and ‘Things to Try’ tabs, do watch the videos to find out what has helped others, tell us your ideas and join us in praying for this enormous and precious group of people.

A large and growing proportion of the people in our parishes are ‘nones’, but all too rarely do we tailor our outreach, service, worship or mission to take account of this and to fine-tune our approach so that we are more effective in word and witness. This resource is an important step in that direction - I commend it to you for engagement and interaction - it's critical that we develop our thinking and practice in this area if we are to be faithful to the call to proclaim the gospel afresh in every generation.

Rt Rev Dr Mike Harrison, Suffragan Bishop of Dunwich

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