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Primary resources on the 'Nones'

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Key books
  1. Atheism, agnosticism and other variants of unbelief are relatively recent phenomena.

  2. Evangelizing unbelievers is important and urgent

  3. We need to prepare the way for the good news to be received as good news by confounding expectations of Christian hypocrisy with our own actions

  4. Present ‘gentle and reverent’ corrections concerning Christian beliefs

  5. Be prepared to share the hope that is in you

  6. Pratise what you preach, preach what you practise

Chapter 8 is the go-to chapter

Key reports
  1. There are very many ways of being an unbeliever which are different in different parts of the world.

  2. Atheists aren’t as confident in their position as often supposed

  3. Unbelief in God doesn’t necessarily entail unbelief in other supernatural phenomenon

  4. Many unbelievers, like others, are looking to find meaning in the world and in their own lives and family and freedom ranked high for all.

Key article
Key website

Further resources on the 'Nones'

There are lots of great additional resources which we would recommend.  You can download a pdf file of these further resources which includes links for more information.


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