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Things to try

We asked all the people we interviewed (see videos) what top tips they would they offer Christians wishing to share their faith with other 'nones.' Here's what they told us:

  • Don’t dumb down but do be careful about your language, especially if using words like sin and repentance (James)

  • Tell your own story (Scott)

  • Show people love, kindness and hospitality, that they are worth loving (Scott)

  • Just be yourself and don't start with faith. Start with the people you're talking with. Listen and give people time to talk (Sarah) 

  • Create a relaxed environment where people can ask all of their questions without any pressure (Scarlett)

  • Connect to people on real-life issues people are having/struggling with (Helen)

  • Help cultivate an environment where people realise there's no such thing as a stupid question and take time to help address the questions people bring (Rob)

  • Being open, honest, bold and direct about your faith is the most helpful thing (Adam) 

  • Avoid using us / them language and be normal, everyday people (Freya) 

  • Keep doing what you're doing, welcome everyone and keep offering them faith (Marcus) 

Sharing faith with 'Nones' - simpler, humber, bolder
  • Talk about the difference faith makes in your life. Actively dispel some myths about what Christians believe, be open to discussing the knotty stuff and remember, the best window into the life of faith for your friends is ‘you’. They might not remember what you say but they will remember the way you leave them feeling (Tom) 

  • Don’t judge. It takes time to change, be patient. It may be three steps forward, two steps back. Encourage, not push. (Jenni) 

A summary of tips can be seen in  the graphic on the right - you can download this as a pdf file.

  • Let people take baby steps and invite them to an Alpha course (Tim).

  • Make the time and effort to care for people and let people go at their own pace when they’re on a course like Alpha. They will really appreciate it (Donna).

If you or your church don't currently have much contact with 'nones', have a look at the sheet below (which you can download as a pdf file).

Six practical things for churches to try, to reach the 'nones' in your area or network.  Download the file.

AD Rhiannon King asks Rev. Sarah Maughan about her passion for faith-sharing.

So many people say that they have no religion but many of them know one of us a practising Christian and we’re the best people to help them find faith. This website will help you find out more.

Dr Rachel Jordon-Wolf, Executive Director of HOPE Together

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