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As a CofE Bishop, you have a better opportunity than most to shape your diocese's mission strategy. We would love to help you in sharing learning about the ‘nones’ and the huge opportunities and challenges that they bring to the Church’s mission and potentially to the life of the Church.


Our concern is simple: that many of our churches have little idea how much our culture has changed and are still focusing on methods of evangelism that half-worked 20 or 30 years ago. With over 30 million ‘nones’ in the country, it feels time to help churches to think afresh. We also think that focusing more on the ‘nones’ could help you and your diocese to align with our national Church of England Vision and Strategy.


You'll find some fascinating videos (especially the one with Tom Mumford and James Wakefield), resources and things to try on this site but please let us know if there are practical ways in which we can help and support you to raise awareness within your spheres of influence. Perhaps we can put you in touch with a few 'nones' or a theologian to talk to, or with some potential funders for diocesan projects??​


Also let us know if you’d like us to set up a meeting where Bishops can talk about this.  Thanks for paying us a visit.

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